Simple Java Avro Serializer Deserializer

“Apache Avro is the leading serialization format for record data, and first choice for streaming data pipelines. It offers excellent schema evolution, and has implementations for the JVM …” - source: In this post a simple Avro serializer and deserializer (AVRO serde) implementation is presented. The Apache Avro library make use of the single responsibility principle, and it defines different classes for different type of work. The class SpecificDatumWriter is responsible for writing Avro object into an OutputStream.
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Multiple Git Configurations - conditional includes

Today, I got across the git feature conditional_includes. You can specify which git configurations should be applied under which circumstances. As a software engineer I am used to work on different projects and sometimes for different organizations. I do not want to use the same e-mail address for all git repositories. I made use of the git local configuration to specify the e-mail address I want to show in my git commits for the corresponding git repository (for example: git config --local user.
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Hello World

🎉 Finally, this site is up and running. 🎉 To know more about it check the about page