TechEule is my (wassim) personal notepad where I write some thoughts, hints and ideas — mostly about software engineering, DevOps and IT-related topics.

As a senior software and DevOps engineer, I see myself as a software craftsman. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology. I enjoy building software systems, from simple applications to highly complex multi-application systems. I have over 10 years (written in 2023) of programming experience and have completed various projects using several programming languages. My primary focus in both my professional and private projects has been working with the JVM using Java since 2011. I am passionate about software engineering, problem-solving, and astronomy, and I enjoy learning about new topics. Designing and developing IT and software systems that help people is something I am particularly passionate about.

Over time, I have learned to use as few libraries and third-party dependencies as possible, making the source code easy to maintain and understand. I prioritize the use of standards and minimal dependencies in software development to ensure the codebase is clean and maintainable. While I do occasionally use frameworks and third-party libraries, when needed, I strive to keep their use to a minimum, prioritizing streamlined and efficient code.

You can read more about me (Wassim Akachi) at about-wassim